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Old Animations

thumb-pimp PimpMastaRymes
The first animated project created by Mike Weiss,which follows a kid named Ned Burnstien who constantly refers to himself as ‘PimpMasta Rymez’.
thumb-flies Lord of the Flies
A project I did for English class, based on the popular book, and all done in three and a half minutes. If you watch closely you could pin-point the exact moment I stopped caring.
thumb-stick1 Stick, Death, and Proceed
An original creation by Devin Uluski that consist of a never-ending battle between two forces that results in death and comedic outcomes, all involving stick figures.
thumb-stick2 Stick, Death, and Proceed 2: Revenge of Ultimate Proportions
A creation of Mike Weiss based on “Ski’s” original vocal stylings and his work involving stick figures , as the two forces clash once again, and this time… it’s personal.
thumb-mm Mullet Man
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. The highly anticipated internet premiere of Hunting with Mullet Man!
thumb-dmi Digital Media Episode I: The Photoshop Menace
The first installment of the epic three-part, six-part, or 9-part saga (Depending on how lazy I get). Join in the opening battle of the Digital Media Wars.
thumb-dmii Digital Media Episode II: Attack of the Squeris
A game (Demo Only) created by Mike Weiss based on the classroom and teach responisble for these flash movies. The player must go against the minions of Mr. Squeri in an epic battle, May the Program be with you.
thumb-dmiii Digital Media Episode III: The Robotics of Squeris
The epic third installment where you must face an army of Robots. Choose your character in this climatic chapter of the Digital Media Wars!