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Freshman Year

thumb-cy1 1. Exodus
The very first episode of The College Years is here! Join Mike Weiss as he journeys to college meeting new friends a brand new cast who sure will prove to be hilarious for years to come.
thumb-cy2 2. College Life
Mike’s journey into adulthood continues as his classes start. Meanwhile O’Keefe and Demaio go on a quest to attain their text books for the symester. Featuring a butt-load of new characters
thumb-cy3 3. Law and Order
The guys go out on a boys night out, to paint the town red, But Mike Weiss is unable to. He finds himself at the short end of a Lawsuit.
thumb-cy4 4. Bob is God?
Join the crew as they enter a spitirual journey to find the truth behind the man, Bob Saget. Plus masterbation jokes.
thumb-cy5 5. Mischievous
T’was the night before Halloween, and all through the dorms, not a creature was stirring, except for a large prankster mouse.
thumb-cy6 6. The Asshole
The King of Pranks takes it one step too far. Which causes a banning which leads to a great battle that will decide the status quo forever… Or something like that.
thumb-cy7 7. The Return
Winter Break is here! Its time to go home and celebrate the holidays. A special heart warming tale of the season, a man reurning home to find things have moved on without him. Includes fighting, explosions, fire breathing, guns fights, duels, and giant robots. Guest starring: EVERYONE!
thumb-cy8 8. Guilty
Well winter break is finally over. It’s time for the gang to get back into the whole “school” thing. But two people come back to an unexpected situation.
thumb-cy9 9. Into the Woods
Well the gang is throwing a party, which is what youngsters do these days right? But will a prophetic dream and a strict security guard prevent the party from getting started?
thumb-cy10 10. The Tournament
The Gang enters a Beer Pong Tournament. But they come against some rivals that are better than us in everything… DVD ONLY