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Sophomore Years

thumb-cy11 11. The Good Escape
The gang returns to school after their summer break. The housing situation may have changed but the character sure haven’t developed at all. But one room looks too much like a jail cell, which calls for one thing. ESCAPE!!!
thumb-cy12 12. The Iron Beard
A house fire causes quite a bit of floor damage. The one responsible will have to pay, through delicious means.
thumb-cy13 13. 300 Thanks
The ground shakes, drums… drums in the deep. We cannot get out. A shadow lurks in the dark. We can not get out… they are coming…
 thumb-cy14 14. The Hermit
The room finally takes it’s toll, and Mike Weiss drifts ever deeper into insanity…
 thumb-cy15 15. Merry Christmas Mike Weiss
T’is the season…
 thumb-cy16 16. The Artist
The rises and pit falls of fame… I’m still confused.
 thumb-cy17 17. The Project
Mike Weiss now has a class project to show off, instead of an actual episode.
 thumb-cy18 18. St. Paddy’s Day
Ah, it be a grand old holiday for a pint of Guinness, if it were not for one laddie stricken with a horrible illness
 thumb-cy19 19. R.A.
Mike Weiss tries to become a Residential Assistant (Or Residential Awesome as he says). Nuff Said.
thumb-cy20 20. Mr. Weiss goes to Washington
The gang go on a road trip to Washington DC. They say no one goes into poiltics dirty, so its time to clean up DC.