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The Mike Weiss Show

thumb-mwse The Mike Weiss Show: Special Edition
For the DVD I wanted to do something special so I redid the first episode using what I had learned. I hope you enjoy it even more.

Post Credits Scene

thumb-mw1 The Mike Weiss Show 1
The first big work of Mike’s animation career. Join Mike and friends as they show you a window into their lives. Based on actual conversations.
thumb-mw2 The Mike Weiss Show 2
The Sequel to the highly popular cartoon. Watch Mike Weiss as he attempts to hand in his term paper on time.
thumb-mw3 The Mike Weiss Show 3
The series finale of the Mike Weiss Show! Join Mike and company as they enter through their final phase of High School, Graduation, filled with new extras, a scene select, and runs 18 Freakin’ minutes!
thumb-trailers Random Trailers
Three trailers, one an upcoming Flash movie, Another an Intro to a friend of mine’s webpage, And The other, something that will never be completed due to distribution rights.