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Ultimate Central

thumb-uc1 Ultimate Central – part 1
It’s time for the Retcon Comic Convention in Philadelphia, and every geek, nerd, and spaz shows up. Anybody who’s a nobody will be there. But this year a sinister plot is brewing and its up to the UC gang to stop it, but without their greatest member of all.. -Part 2-
thumb-ucsteaser Ultimate Central 2 – TEASER
Coming 2008… wait a minute…
thumb-ucff Ultimate Central: The Avatars
The site Ultimate Central began giving people incredible abilities, Ultimate E created a team of heroes to bring justice to the world and deal with the effects of the site. That team dedicated themselves to protecting Earth from all superhuman threats. They are the Avatars.
thumb-616 616 Central: Avatar’s End
Planets collide. Old versus new. The Avatars will be no more
thumb-uccov UC FanFic Character Profiles
A database of all characters from Ultimate Central: The Fan Fic -Covers-
thumb-lou Law and Order: Ultimate Central
In the city of New York, Graphically novelized based offenses are considered most Heinous. That is why a special unit has been formed to investigate and judge offender accordingly, This is Ultimate Central.
thumb-stuck Ultimate Central: Stuck
Forty Random People invited to partake in a Steamboat’s Maiden Voyage. Forty Random People with intertwining pasts and the strangest of knots that connect them all. Forty Random People are STUCK! Let the games begin.
thumb-sd Scientifically Doomed
One’s a recently fired mad scientist with dreams of owning a chili dog shack, the other is an ex-military ladies man. Alone they are extraordinary, together they are-KABOOM! You’ve just been awesomed. SUIT-UP!